Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Friday Aiden and I went on a field trip to Essex steam train and river boat with our co-op. We spent 3 hours there for a train ride to the boat, at our take-along lunch on the boat ride, saw Gillette castle among other sites, and then enjoyed the train ride back while hearing some history from the conductor. Steven Spielberg shot an Indiana Jones film there, and the Big Y commercial in our area was filmed there as well. After the ride back, we rushed out of there and got home around 2:45. That left me two hours to prepare for the cookout I hosted at 5pm for a few friends and their families whom I haven't seen in quite some time. Such a whirlwind day!!

Gillette Castle

the car we rode in

On Saturday, we celebrated Ryan's 8th birthday. It was the smallest birthday party we've had in quite some time, just ourselves, my dad, and Mike's brother with his son. Ryan opened his gifts and got things like science kits for making geysers with mentos and diet coke. There is even a rocket that can be shot up with the soda geyser....so fun! He got quite a few different kits for making boats etc,...The kids played games like crazy. Things like Green light, Red light. Then the customary cake and ice cream followed. Cousin Tyler slept over that night with the boys and came to church with us Sunday and spent the afternoon playing Wii. I was feeling restless on Sunday like I wanted to go out and do something but we couldn't, so that was a not so nice feeling.

On Monday, we went to a friend's house for a small cookout; we had not seen them for awhile either. We stayed a few hours and caught up before returning home to putter around our yard, read, and yes cookout again! for dinner. HA!! I so love not messing up my kitchen. ;-) It sure was a busy weekend, a lot of times we don't do much just hang around the house together, so it was quite nice. Hope you enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend as well. I so appreciate all those who fought, fight, and laid down their lives for our freedom. I also keep in mind all those around the world who are not afforded those same freedoms.

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  1. Those vinatge train rides are so much fun!
    We went on one 2 years ago and still talk about it!

    I am also enjoying all the barbequeing!