Monday, January 2, 2012

The Gentleness Challenge

Join Courtney and the rest of us over at 
Women Living Well for The Gentleness Challenge for mom's.  I know this challenge is for me as I am not naturally a gentle person.  Yet....I want to be!  Isn't that half the battle?  Let me just say if you know you should, yet don't have the desire, pray for God to give you the desire.  Can you tell I've been there?  I have often snapped at my children or yelled in exhaustion or frustration only to feel bad about it moments later.  Can you relate?  Come on over and join us all as we strive together and sharpen one another toward godliness.

In relation to all of this, I have realized *again* that  I didn't see a lot of my reactions, trying to figure the ends out, changing course of plans etc,...for what it really was. Yesterday I heard a sound bite on the radio that made me again realize that I allow fear to torment me, yet I don't see it that way at the time. Logic and clever sounding excuses allow me to get around that which I am afraid of and I don't even realize that is root of these issues at the time.  That's a scary thought.  It's also something that could very well, and in fact does lead to lack of patience or anxiety which makes being a gentle mother a hard thing to grasp practically. 

Faith and perfect love cannot co-exist with fear.  I know this logically when I take the time to reflect on the issues.  *(note to self:  take the time to reflect!!!)  I am so done with living in fear. It is a torment, and doesn't change a thing for the better. Maybe for the worse, yes!!! God did not intend that for me, he gave me His son! His SON!!!!! Why would he withhold a lesser need from us when He has given us the most precious already? If He wants our kids for example to have something (such as musical training or other extra curricular things------one of the issues that had been nagging my mind BTW) then He will provide it. We can't lean on our own understanding. Perhaps it's not as important as it seems to me.  Perhaps there is a more important issue that needs to be worked on first before adding an activity that would allow less reflection time. We have to trust in Him, anything less is a big slap to the face with all He has done for us already. Scary thought! I am going to be more of an intentional
mother this year, it's so important.  I am going to try and look at the day at hand and stop worrying over the next.


  1. Jenn I am right there with you on this goal this's a daily battle for me too I also wait..."yell" before I think. I don't have that natural gift of calmness that some mama's have. I know it's a constant battle that I struggle with!! I sometimes catch myself before I yell and pray for quick patience it usually works...I just need to remember to take that moment and ask for guidance before my children push me off the

  2. Hey Jenn!! Wow I am *just* seeing your reply now, that is CRAZY. I have been trying to determine if I should begin a new blog, or just keep on with this one and let it change with me...hmmmmm! Either way I will be blogging a LOT more and I want to document my days with the kiddos. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate seeing it here!! Glad to also know we are in this together, and I am not alone in this issue. :D

  3. Jenn you are right I will be always with you in any goal