Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer Re-cap

Hello out there.  Just pushing away the cobwebs up here to take a peek into blogland.  I am thinking this blog may be ready to be laid to rest.  Periodically I end a blog, publish it in book form and begin anew.  We shall see. 

This summer we had a lovely 3 day visit from my brother, who now lives in Florida, and whom we haven't seen in 3 years, along with my nephew Bryce.  I am somewhat mellow of a person, but with a quick tongue..LOL  You get my brother in the mix and you have a full side show going. 
The confusion as our visitors get attacked by bright flashes...LOL
(mom, daughter and her boyfriend)

My brother and I
It was fun, we were crazy and loud and played games.  My mom and eldest daughter were also up so it was the whole gang at our place!  Boy was I hopping in the kitchen with the 12 of us.  My little nephew is such a sweetie pie, it was great to see him after so long. 
My brother and nephew :)
After 4 days my mom and daughter went home (a day after my brother and nephew),
bye-bye ALREADY?!
and came a couple weeks later, to stay for 2 weeks.  We didn't do a ton as my mom has a hard time getting around.  She has a wheel chair at home in MA but no way to get it in and out of the car yet....heavy stuff!  So we stayed home and just hung out for that time.  Monopoly Deal was the game of the hour!! 

Mom and my brother

Cookout as much as possible....LOL
The boys and Felicia enjoyed swimming lessons 4 days per week for our short swimming season, and learned some new skills. We have a BEAUTIFUL town pool, complete with twirly water slide which they all love.  I was turned off to the "public" pool idea until I actually saw it, and very happy to learn that a family season pass included lessons for all of our children, such a good deal.  Yes, our taxes are high in Western NY, but at least we are benefitting by it with these facilities and others like it available at low cost!  I will feel so much better when they are all strong swimmers as we are SURROUNDED by bodies of water and there is so much that can be done recreationally in them.  From canoeing down the HUGE creek, or kayaking in the lake, wind surfing, sailing, name it, we've got it!  It will be nice for those doors to open for my children when they are older. 

our town's public pool

We have also had the priviledge of visiting the Buffalo Zoo a couple of times this Summer.  It was so fun to see a different zoo for a change, and especially the polar bears, rainforest area and gorilla family which our prior zoo never had.  Here are a few memories of those visits:

While my mom and daughter was here, Mike and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.  We decided to go sailing on The Spirit of Buffalo and really beautiful schooner with RED SAILS!!!  It was so luxurious, and our first time sailing.  I made sure to load up on dramamine and away we went.  It was a nice experience, and also sweet for the two of us to be able to take a few hours away and just relax.  We never get to do that, but since their visit coincided with our special day, it worked out just right.  Thanks mom!!!

Mike's brother Dave also came over from California to pay us a vist before heading down through MA and off for a tour of Europe, where he still is currently.  We went to show him Niagara Falls for a couple of hours after our cookout lunch before his leaving.  We hadn't seen him in several years. 

We also have begun visiting a new church.  We left the one we were visiting since moving here for several good reasons.  This new church is huge, and normally I shy away from huge churches.  However, after visiting for 2 months now, the messages are actually good, so it may be a good thing afterall.  Soon the women's and other groups will be starting up so I hope to meet some new friends! 

Not a whole lot is new other than that, and looking forward to fall, and pumpkin spice coffees (recreating them at home, thank you Dunkin Donuts for the inspiration).  Apple picking and acorns, pinecones and apple picking.  Time to update the mantle with berries and vines and all that fun stuff.  I will think on what to do with this blog.  I don't have a computer at home anymore, just my phone, or computer access from the library. 

Until we meet again,


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