Wednesday, January 26, 2011

You Are What You Eat

Well I have been on Weight Watchers since mid-october and managed to get past my plateau after having lost 20 lbs over the summer.  I lost another 15 lbs. which adds up to about 1 lb loss per week.  Not what I hoped for, but still 15 lbs. gone forever which makes me smile.

Well after having lost these 35 lbs, I had some blood work done to satisfy requirements for our health insurance this year, in order to get a deductible credit.  Our family deductible is $5,000.00 but if Mike and I fulfilled these requirements, it lowers to $3,500.00.  Definitely worth the trouble in my eyes!

So my fasting blood glucose was 99!  Under 100 is normal, and 100-125 is considered pre-diabetes.  Mike already is in the pre-diabetes stage, and though I am normal, I am at the very top edge of normal, and that is nuts.  I really thought my numbers would be better considering the weight I've lost, and the .8 mile walks I take with the dog!!

So we have decided we will be cutting refined foods out of our diet.  I believe the ideal diet consists of lean meats, veggies--many raw, fruits, nuts/seeds.  The hunter-gatherer diet basically.  I believe it's best to limit foods produced in a lab or highly processed or with a zillion year shelf life in a box, with the exception of salad dressing and Frank's red hot perhaps.  I am just being realistic here!!

I know it won't always be easy, but at the same time, if we can see that the standard American diet is not healthy for us, then something must be done!  I am not going to go all gung-ho and commando mom on my poor family.  In fact we have a lot of wheat products, and some cake mixes I've stocked up over the winter.  I am simply trying to limit them.  I will not buy more mixes, and I am choosing to make home made breads and biscuits over store bought.  Baby steps upon baby steps.  Cooking from scratch is not new to me, yet I had been relying more on convenience this past year since moving. 

I figure that as Spring arrives I can include even more fresh fruits and veggies and rely a bit less on the "white starch stuff". 

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  1. It was nice to stop in and catch up a bit on how you have been! The dog... the birthdays... the new house (well, at least since last time I visited)... and you joined WW, I did too, it's been about 3 months and I'm not doing so well based mostly on my lack of inspiration, so it's great when I "run into" someone else trying hard also! :) I'll try to stop by more often. :)