Sunday, September 25, 2005

The First Dinner For Six

Last night was the first of the three Dinner for Six fellowship dates for our group of six. We were welcomed into Dan & Dianne's charming cozy home with some freshly brewed coffee decked in glass mugs etched with flowers. I really love glass coffee mugs because my grandmother had some and I always thought they were so neat, along with her wooden salad set consisting of serving bowl, individual bowls and serving bowl/spoon set. My grandmother also had blue and white print dishes which I would like to acquire for old times sake. Anyhow, Lasagna and bread was served. Mary Beth and her hubby brought the salad which had oranges, toasted almonds, real bacon shredded, drizzled with lemon poppy dressing. It was so tasty! A surprising burst of lovely flavor in each bite. I've never had any kind of salad like that before. Mike and I brought the strawberry rhubarb pie.

I have to say I have not laughed like that in a long time! It was a great group for me, reserved, shy Jenn to be in. They drew me out of my shell effortlessly. It was wonderful fellowship with like-minded people, exactly what we've been needing for so long!

I cannot wait for the next dinner which will be the second Saturday in October, the 8th. Now I need to get to testing some recipes, because we will be providing the side dish this time. YUM!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Finally bought the rings!

What a nice way to celebrate our "new" marriage to each other by exchanging new wedding rings! This past Saturday, we went to Hannoush Jewelers and picked out two beautiful rings in honor of our anniversary last month (Aug 29th). Mine is 14k yellow gold with 5 round diamonds sitting on top equaling a 1/2 carat. Mike's is two tone and has a striking kind of cut design to it which makes it really shiny and eye catching. At first I was a little anxious to spend that kind of money, but I have to admit I have really warmed up to the idea and absolutely cannot wait to get them in 3 weeks!!!

My prayer today is that God will protect those new Christians' Faith in His church and not allow them to be deceived or misled by worldy organizations/fraternal orders with subtle distorted teachings. I pray that they will see things clearly for what they are, and remember to ask for spiritual wisdom and discernment in the decisions they make.

Monday, September 5, 2005

Well, I guess I will get to put some hospitality to use. Mike and I signed up for a ministry at our church called : Dinner for 6. Three couples are teamed up. The first dinner on the first month (Sept.) will be at the first couple's home. The second couple bring the sides, and the third (us) bring the dessert.

The second dinner in the second month is at the second couples house. Then the third in the third month is at our house! I am excited but very nervous. The point is to get to know people, especially people like us who are new to the church. I am now stressing because all the flaws of our humble little home are like neon lights...LOL I know that is not the point, and so I am going to try and think differently.

I will be trying lots of menus this month on our family ;) It should be fun! I have asked the Lord to send us like-minded people that we could befriend, so this could be the way it will come to be.