Monday, September 5, 2005

Well, I guess I will get to put some hospitality to use. Mike and I signed up for a ministry at our church called : Dinner for 6. Three couples are teamed up. The first dinner on the first month (Sept.) will be at the first couple's home. The second couple bring the sides, and the third (us) bring the dessert.

The second dinner in the second month is at the second couples house. Then the third in the third month is at our house! I am excited but very nervous. The point is to get to know people, especially people like us who are new to the church. I am now stressing because all the flaws of our humble little home are like neon lights...LOL I know that is not the point, and so I am going to try and think differently.

I will be trying lots of menus this month on our family ;) It should be fun! I have asked the Lord to send us like-minded people that we could befriend, so this could be the way it will come to be.

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