Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My thoughts on Time4Learning

Hello friends,

It's been way too long.  I began home schooling again this year.  You may remember that I had done that previously with the littles and then sent them back to school after a health crisis.  This year, they came back home where they belong.  :)

I've been invited to try Time4Learning for one month in exchange for a candid review. My opinion will be entirely my own, so be sure to come back and read about my experience. Time4Learning is an online educational program that can be used in many ways including as a homeschooling curriculum or afterschool tutorial. Find out how to write your own curriculum review for Time4Learning.

This time I have 3 that are of school age, and it was tricky to be teacher to a second, fourth and sixth grader.  I was stretched pretty thin.  I tried to stage the work that they needed one on one so that they would not all need me at once.  It was a long day and required a couple of hours weekly to plan it all.

By mid year I was in a rut, or feeling near a melt-down.  LOL  This brings me to how I came to try Time4Learning.  I had heard it mentioned a few times, and I loved the idea of a virtual or online home school.  The problem is that most of the options I checked out were quite costly, and it was not an option for one, much less three children.  I decided to check this site out that I had heard about without too much hope to be honest.

I signed the boys up on a whim when I found it was only $19.95 for the first child, ad $14.95 for subsequent students.  For $50.00 per month, I could have all three children using this online source for their home learning.  I was pretty happy to find something that was actually affordable.  As a side note, there is a satisfaction guarantee with this company.  You can try it and cancel within two weeks paying nothing if you decide this is not the curriculum for you, so there is really no risk.

It's been two weeks now that we have been using Time4Learning, and it's been a life saver!  Not only is the planning done for me, but it also keeps records that can be printed out easily for portfolios and the like.  That alone was a relief.

You choose the subjects you want your child to do daily.  We chose from Language arts extensions, Language Arts, Math, science and social studies.  We had been really lacking with the science and social studies before trying out Time4Learning, as I was overhwelmed with everything else in our prior curriculum.  Now I feel good that they are getting lessons in these subjects as well.

The icing on the cake is that the children actually like it!  I have listened in on a majority of the lessons and they really are learning!  We were reading so much with our previous curriculum, and none of the boys really remembered much of it despite all of our laboring.  This gives information in digestible amounts, and exercises their reading and comprehension skills without being over-burdensome.  There are worksheets, projects, tests and quizzes and the parent decides which of these go onto their child's activity calendar.  We have been using them all.  It takes approximately 2 hours to complete daily, which is a good thing as we only have one family computer.  I'm hoping to have a second one by next year.  The rest of the day can be spent pursuing child-led interests, or co-op activities.  This is so nice as my 6th grader is interested in computer programming and spends time doing that daily along with reading his dad's success books.

If you find that a particular subject is too far advanced, or below your child's level, it is easy to go into the account and change it with a click of your mouse.  Within 24 hours the adjustment you make will be in effect.  I can't say enough good things about this curriculum.  I signed up with the intentions of just trying it out so I could take a break for a week or two, but seeing how much they enjoy it and the pressure it's taken off of me, I am going to stick with it.  The only real downside is that it only goes to 8th grade.  ;)

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  1. I like your evaluation of time4learning. We also decided to try it out for the two week trial. That was over five years ago and we are still using it. I'm so glad to hear it's working out for you.